On our flagship service the Free Grants Community we provide extensive information to educate readers about all kinds of grants, federal and local financial aid, scholarships, and other types of financial and community support. On the associated Facebook Page we also respond to inquiries from individuals to help point people in the right direction. It allows us not only to provide information tailored to someone’s specific needs, but also helps us appreciate what people’s most common concerns are. It has become very clear that there is substantial confusion and misinformation out there about grants: what they are, who they are for, how you get them, and most importantly what the difference is between grants and various types of government assistance. For those qualifying non-profits and government agencies seeking bona fide grants, the federal website grants.gov is the go-to place for information and applications for specific grants. For others grants.gov will almost surely be a source of frustration and disappointment — and it may make them more susceptible to misleading sales messages. So while we generally consider grants.gov to be a quality site we also warn many people away from it. Learn more about why grants.gov may not be good for you.