The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.

Written by Sydney J. Harris, American Journalist and Author -- and a guiding premise of Concept Creative.

Concept Creative was founded in 2002 to provide effective communications and funding support to non-profits and small business. Since that time we have grown and diversified significantly in terms of the types of services we offer and those that are on the drawing board.

What has not changed is our focus on communicating clear and honest information that helps people and organizations understand, deal with and even excel in potentially difficult (and sometimes scam-ridden) areas. Our topics range from personal finance and financial aid to small business financing, non-profit funding, and grants and scholarships for education. On a lighter note, we offer creative instruction on origami designed specifically for those with little or no understanding of this art form.

Our approach in each area of our business encourages the development of a supportive community. Our sites invite users to register and add or edit information, make comments, and ask and/or respond to community questions. We respond personally to questions and comments on Facebook and make use of other social networks to expand our reach and community participation. Check out Our Network to learn more.

Concept Creative is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Cupertino, CA

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